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New live (video) album 'FRN Sessions' OUT FEBRUARY 2nd 2023







 An Evening With Knives
-Where the wall of sound falls down into a sea of tranquility-

A mesmerizing, imposing wall of sound, blurring the boundaries between post-metal, psychedelic rock and doom metal.
They bring to the stage a layered and energetic sound with unexpected turns.
Where the wall of sound falls down into a sea of tranquility, they always keep it dark, heavy and captivating.

AEWK EP FrontWith the release of their self-titled EP in the summer of 2015, this energetic three piece
started their journey to rock and roll glory. This journey started in the Netherland’s very own
city of rock Eindhoven, selling out local headlining shows and has led the band to other
great gigs all over Europe, sharing the stage with the likes of Truckfighters,
Corrosion Of Conformity, Elder and Steak Number Eight.




An Evening With Knives Serrated front low resExpectations for their debut album where high amongst their ever growing fanbase and
An Evening With Knives has met these expectations with their critically acclaimed album ‘Serrated
released in 2018 on CD by Argonauta Records (Italy) and on vinyl by Lighttown Fidelity (NL)

“This is how well thought out post-metal should sound”
Aardschok, 80/100

“Tons of atmosphere, delicious buildup and a sound like a skyscraper”
Rocktribune, 9/10

An Evening With Knives   Fade Out EP 300 smallThe Serrated tour brought them to great festivals like the illustrious Incubate Festival in
Tilburg and Belgium's Roadkill Festival. Later in 2018 they released their EP ‘Fade Out
and kept on touring ending their season on a high with a big show at Alcatraz 2019.
Another great Belgium rock festival with a 25.000 attendance.

"Excellent and highly recommended"
Outlaws of the Sun



An Evening With Knives   Sense of Gravity front low resAnd the journey continues. March 6, 2020 ‘Sense of Gravity’ sees the light of day in a packed 
venue (Effenaar Eindhoven, see picture below). This follow up album brings everything you can
expect from an An Evening With Knives record and more. The band has grown into an even stronger
and imposing powerhouse; taking everything you praised on ‘Serrated’ to the next level.

“Essential for everybody who likes rock to be heavy, raw and honest”
Aardschok, 85/100

'The trio impresses over and over again'...'putting out one of the year’s best albums so far"
Metalblast 90/100

An Evening With Knives   FNR Sessions low resWhile the live reputation of the band grows, the tree piece decides to record a live album.
Filmed in a surrealistic setting, playing within a circle of 50 amplifiers,
FNR Sessions’ gives an intimate view into the intense spirit of the three members,
allowing the viewer to become one to them.
The album, including video recordings, is presented to the world on February 2nd, 2023 through
Argonauta Records. Be sure to check it out, because An Evening With Knives is best served live.

 “So intense, so beautiful”
Progwereld 90/100

An Evening With Knives:
Jarno van Osch on drums and samples (left)
Marco Gelissen on guitar and vocals (center) 
Peer van Grunsven on bass guitar and vocals (right)

An Evening With Knives   Photo Justina Lukosiute Photo 1 low res
Photo:Justina Lukosiute


an evening with knives   foto patrick   022











AEWK recording 'FNR Sessions'


an evening with knives   foto patrick   074














AEWK recording 'FNR Sessions'


 An Evening With Knives 15
AEWK live at Effenaar during the 'Sense of Gravity' album release party.






















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AEWK - FNR Sessions (CD only)
The album comes with a login code to online live-video recordings of each track,
exclusive photo material and free download files.

An Evening With Knives   FNR Sessions low res


1. Come Undone (Live)

2. Endless Night (Live)

3. On Your Own (Live)

4. Blackout (Live)

5. Levitate (Live)

6. Sacrifice (Live)

7. Drowning in Daybreak (Live)

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FNR standing
FNR total


AEWK   Sense of Gravity cover


1. Sacrifice

2. Escape

3. Levitate

4. Turn The Page

5. On Your Own

6. Endless Night

7. Every Ordinary Day

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AEWK Sense of Gravity photo frontAEWK Sense of Gravity photo center

AEWK Sense of Gravity photo backAEWK Sense of Gravity photo front vinyl whiteAEWK Sense of Gravity photo vinyl green






An Evening With Knives - SerratedTracklist:

1. Come Undone

2. Restless

3. Blind Man's Guess

4. Hysteria

5. Fade Out

6. Thoughts & Regrets

7. Drowning in Daybreak

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An Evening With Knives   Fade Out EP 300 small*SOLD OUT*


1. Fade Out

2. Sunstorm

3. Blackout





1. Thoughts And Regrets

2. Nighthawk

3. Blind Man's Guess (live)

4. Sunstorm (live)







T-shirt 'Octopus' 
Octopus low res

Available in sizes S - XXL
Color: Black

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T-shirt 'Sense of Gravity' 

AEWK SOG front website

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Color: Black

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Patches small









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Management & bookings:
Email: info (@) aneveningwithknives.com 
Phone : +31 611136883


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